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Seamless Execution of a Two-Day Convening Meeting for a Growing Pharmaceutical Company

New York, NY
Seamless Event Execution: NYC Pharma Meeting Case Study


Client Background and Objective:

A rapidly expanding pharmaceutical company approached Meeting Logistics (MTG) with a significant challenge: to plan, produce, and execute a comprehensive two-day convening meeting in New York City, including an off-site private dinner event, within a stringent two-month timeframe. The client aimed to reaffirm their vision, share new research, and exchange important ideas in a collaborative yet private environment.


Initial Steps Managed by MTG:

MTG promptly initiated a discovery meeting to understand our client’s agenda and objectives. This was essential in identifying the perfect venue that aligned with their needs. Our deep expertise in New York City venues enabled us to quickly source and secure The Dominick Hotel, which fulfilled all the client's criteria. We contracted the entire third floor of the hotel for general sessions, breakouts, and meals, ensuring a cohesive and contained environment for the event.

Logistics and Planning Managed by MTG:

Meeting Logistics assumed the role of project manager, handling every aspect from inception to completion. With global participants continuously registering up to the event’s start, we expertly managed multiple iterations of the hotel rooming list. As the hotel neared full capacity, we proactively secured alternative accommodations nearby to ensure no attendee was left without a room.

Special Arrangements and Event Management Services Managed by MTG:

Venue Sourcing and Customization: Sourced, secured and managed the hotel contract and provided detailed event space layouts and variations, enabling the client to visualize and confidently decide on session setups.

Tailored Table Arrangements: Orchestrated customized table arrangements and meticulously scheduled diverse breakout groups.

Communications: Custom Communications and thorough scheduling ensured every attendee knew where to be at all times.

Audiovisual Management: Managed all audiovisual requirements, maximizing the budget to deliver the client’s narrative effectively.

Dietary Accommodations: Collected dietary needs in advance and collaborated with The Dominick Hotel’s culinary team and the chef at The Bard Room at The Hotel Chelsea to create inclusive menus for guests with allergies and intolerances. This included specific menu variations and tailored solutions for severe allergies.

Special requests: Managed branded promotional items and custom furnishings. Private use of Café Mezz at The Dominick was the perfect space for the photographer and attendee headshots that MTG scheduled throughout the meeting.

Execution and Financials: MTG’s seamless project management skills were crucial in navigating evolving requests and tight deadlines. Careful budget management was crucial, and we ensured not to exceed their limit.


Meeting Logistics’ ability to meticulously plan, coordinate, and execute complex events within constrained schedules set us apart. Our commitment to excellence ensured the pharmaceutical company’s event was not only successful but also memorable. By turning tight deadlines into opportunities for excellence, MTG demonstrated unparalleled dedication to delivering exceptional results, solidifying our reputation as trusted event management experts and leaders in project management and event execution.

Thank you to The Dominick Hotel for partnering with Meeting Logistics to make our client's meeting a huge success. The entire experience working with the team at the Hotel from sales to execution, was seamless.

Also, check out The Bard Room for a private event. It is a very unique space and our client had a great special event in this historic and artistic private venue!

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