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Risk Mitigation when Mother Nature Strikes

Location: Houston, TX
Risk Mitigation when Mother Nature Strikes


  • Coordinate logistics for 55 attendees from around the world for a Visiting Professor Program at MD Anderson.
  • Suddenly rearrange plans in the wake of Hurricane Ike.


A leading pharmaceutical company contracted us to manage a Visiting Professor Program. We organized travel and arrangements for 55 attendees from Asia, Latin America and Europe to meet in Houston. As it became clear that Hurricane Ike would directly hit the area, we advised to cancel the program and immediately inform the attendees. Having collected email, cell phone, and emergency contact information during registration, we swiftly communicated detailed instructions regarding the cancellation. We protected our client from all liabilities by making sure every hotel, conference center, restaurant, ground transportation and any additional contracts all contained “Fore Majeure, Termination, Excuse of Performance” clauses. The program was quickly disassembled to protect all involved. The September meeting was cancelled due to Hurricane Ike and was rescheduled and successfully executed the following February.

Key Services Provided:
  • Event management and planning
  • Budget and reconciliation
  • Meeting communications and materials, collection of forms, Visa assistance
  • Speaker management, agreements, honorarium payments
  • Hotel contract, rooming list management
  • Audio visual
  • Group resume, off-site catering for events at MD Anderson
  • Group dinner reservations
  • Lab coat orders
  • Ground transportation set up and management
  • Meeting evaluation


  • Carefully reviewed and negotiated contracts with venues and subcontractors.
  • Protected client interests.
  • Detailed and precise organization led to easy communication when time was limited.
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