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Managing a company-wide National Sales Meeting

Palm Beach, Florida
Managing a company-wide National Sales Meeting


  • Coordinate logistics and agendas for executives along with various employee teams for important meetings.
  • Deliver welcome reception to energize all attendees.


Our pharmaceutical client trusted us to plan and execute all logistics for their national sales meeting: a 4-day high profile event with presentations, panel discussions, multi-day breakout sessions, special activities and evening events. With best fit at the forefront of our search criteria, we sourced, negotiated, and contracted a perfectly matched venue with accessibility a top priority for patient guests with disabilities. For each attendee we prepared customized meeting information that included their travel, hotel, ground transportation, venue information, agenda, activities, and more. Through mtgpromotions.com, the client gifted each guest company-branded T-shirts, spider jackets, phone chargers, and power banks which were delivered as room drops nightly. The highlight of the week was the awards event: a celebration of talent, success and achievement. For this event, we transformed the space used everyday for general session in under two hours to deliver a breathtaking experience. Exquisite linens, custom furniture and unique floral centerpieces added elegance. Draped walls with specialty lighting and a gobo pattern wash created spectacular ambiance. All of this happened at a premier hotel on the beach, and its impact yielded lasting impressions.

Key Services Provided:

  • Event project management
  • Hotel logistics, resume, banquets, F&B
  • Custom registration website
  • Attendee data management, rooming list
  • Branded materials, all communications
  • Ground transportation management
  • Event design, custom themed environment, custom lighting
  • Event décor, rentals, florals
  • On-site staffing
  • Budget and financial management, reconciliation
  • Audio Visual, photography
  • Promotional products, branded attendee gifts, custom awards


  • All guests received personalized logistical information to easily navigate their scheduled meeting.
  • Awards highlighted employee achievements and promotional gifts are a continual reminder of how much employees really matter to the company.
  • The meeting delivered solid results, recognized success and provided a seamless experience for all in participation.
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