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How a Celebrity Chef Drives Audience Engagement

Las Vegas, NV
How a Celebrity Chef Drives Audience Engagement


  • Educate investors and prospective investors on the client’s growth while encouraging facetime and networking to deepen relationships. 
  • Capture the spectacle and joy of Las Vegas to create an immersive experience.


What happens in Vegas has to feel like Vegas. Celebrity-themed invitations grabbed the attention of special guests and investors. Guests were ushered into an upscale Vegas private dining club, where they were greeted by a wall-sized company logo ice sculpture. We ensured every detail was elegant, from the white rose centerpieces to the exceptional service that fully catered to attendees. The night featured Chef Charlie Palmer, who created a multi-course tasting menu with expertly paired wine complements. Chef Palmer greeted attendees at every table, signing cookbooks and talking with guests about his culinary passion. The CEO also took time to share his passion, chatting with everyone while sharing information about the brand’s growth and business partnership opportunities. Guests left with increased brand awareness, fond memories of a delicious meal, and inspiring possibilities.

Key Services Provided:
  • Concept, theme, event design, cohesive branding
  • Event management and planning
  • Budget management and reconciliation
  • Sourcing of private club for corporate function
  • Select, hire and book celebrity chef
  • Custom invitation, registration
  • Event branding, menus, name badges, signage
  • Branded icecarving
  • Custom printed gift bags and signed cookbooks
  • Audio visual and photographer
  • Transportation, security


  • Extended facetime allowed the company CEO and executives to promote company growth.
  • Networking in a private environment created lead generation and investment opportunities.
  • An exquisite dining experience that delighted the senses.
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