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Expert Meeting Logistics Management in Washington, DC for Pharmaceutical Product Launch

Washington, DC
To plan a pharmaceutical commercial launch meeting for a new product


  • Navigate venue restrictions and leverage Infectious Disease Conference relationships to resolve complexities of venue sourcing and contracting during a citywide association meeting.
  • Develop venue room layout diagrams, plan labor and resources for quick set turnarounds.
  • Partner seamlessly with a leading technology company to produce a high-level event.


Meeting Logistics was tasked to manage a complex two-day, two-night meeting in Washington, DC involving 75 attendees. The primary objective was to showcase the pharmaceutical company's commercial launch strategy for a new product to their global executives. The challenge to find venue space and hotel accommodations was heightened by the intricacies of a citywide association meeting taking place concurrently. Meeting Logistics leveraged a valuable and long-standing relationship with the leadership of the citywide association for venue acquisition approvals. We conducted extensive search and site inspections in Washington, DC, and ultimately recommended two venues: Conrad Washington, DC, and Riggs Washington, DC.

 Meeting Logistics provided turnkey project management, planning and execution of all programming and events. Our services played a crucial role in ensuring the success and effectiveness of the events.

Conrad Washington, DC.

·      A private event the night before the official start of the meeting, at Estuary, the property’s signature restaurant. The custom menu resulted in a unique culinary experience highlighting the flavors of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

·      A welcome event for the global group featured custom staging and a 16-ft LCD screen which created an impressive feature that evoked the audience.

·      The inclusion of attendee-branded gifts at each seat enhanced the overall experience and served as a tangible reminder of the event.

·      An innovative approach to patient presentation. This involved seamless integration of technology into the event, allowing the patient to be virtually present as if she were physically in the room. This kind of initiative added impactful elements to the program facilitating the participation of an individual who would otherwise be unable to attend in person due to medical constraints.

Riggs Washington, DC.

Meeting Logistics project management, planning and executionof all programming and events, resulted in exceptional outcomes.  

·      Production support of presentations from key opinion leaders, representatives from societies, and patient advocacy groups. The event was successful in achieving its goals of fostering relationships, sharing insights, and aligning the company's objectives with the broader perspectives of the medical and patient communities.

·      The evening educational program was attended by healthcare professionals, who were attending the Infectious Disease Conference. The program, content, and facilitation were effective in engaging participants and created an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.


  • Alignment with stakeholder overarching goals to ensure a cohesive experience.
  • Strategic evaluation of venues for each event based on specific objectives, accessibility, capacity and thematic considerations.
  • Event design: Tailoring each event to meet unique goals for each segment of the program.  
  • Event Technology: Design and build of a custom website and online registration.
  • Communications: Detailed, informative and consistent throughout the entire planning process.
  • Creative: Branded meeting materials: invitation, custom badges, lanyards, seating cards, tent cards, directional signage, and gift cards.
  • Air, rail, and complex ground transportation coordination.
  • Hotel accommodation and group room block management at various properties.
  • Function space allocation and logistics management.
  • Development of group banquet orders and menus catering to dietary preferences.
  • Seamless integration of technology, from software to virtual components.
  • Curated gifts to help our clients’ brand stand out.
  • Off-site staff and hospitality desk operations management.
  • Event budget estimation, financial cost tracking and itemized reconciliation.


Discover how Meeting Logistics orchestrated a seamless two-day, two-night meeting in Washington, DC, facilitating a pharmaceutical company's global executive showcase of their commercial launch strategy. Leveraging strategic venue partnerships and innovative event technology, we ensured a memorable experience for 75 attendees, navigating logistical challenges with finesse.

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