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Delivering a Standout Corporate Event at the 2024 AUA Annual Meeting

The St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, TX
This case study highlights Meeting Logistics' expertise in creating memorable and impactful corporate events, from strategic venue selection to meticulous compliance management and creative event space transformation.


To Create an Engaging High Profile Corporate Event.


Meeting Logistics was contracted to manage a high-profile corporate event during the 2024 AUA Annual Meeting, scheduled for a Saturday evening in early May in San Antonio, TX. Our client's success hinged on selecting a venue that would not only be accessible to AUA conference attendees but also attract participation amidst the numerous competing activities.

Strategic Venue Selection for Maximum Impact

Understanding that the venue choice would make or break the event, we meticulously scouted and selected a location that was both convenient for attendees and compelling enough to draw interest. The strategic venue selection of The St. Anthony, A Luxury Collection Hotel, San Antonio was crucial in standing out among the multitude of conference-related events, ensuring high attendance and engagement.

Event Highlights: Keynote and Star-Studded Panel

The evening commenced with a keynote address from our client's Executive Chairman, setting a professional and inspiring tone. This was followed by an introduction to a moderated panel featuring renowned personalities Terry Bradshaw and Curt Menefee. Terry Bradshaw’s personal connection to the urological community resonated deeply with the audience, adding a layer of relevance and engagement, particularly for the football enthusiasts in attendance.

Event Planning Services:

At Meeting Logistics, our wide range of services ensured our client’s event was successful and memorable.

  • Venue Sourcing & Contract Management: Expert venue sourcing to contract a venue in San Antonio capable of accommodating a wide range of activities during the event.
  • On-site Venue Site Inspection: Performed multiple site inspections to find the ultimate venue that met all requirements and expectations.
  • Project Management: End-to-end project management from initial planning to final execution and follow-up.
  • Comprehensive Event Planning: Full-service event planning to cover every detail of your event, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Communications & Attendee Management & Registration: Custom invitation, efficient online registration and accurate confirmation processes to streamline attendee management.
  • Function Space Planning for Flow of Event: Strategic planning of function spaces to optimize the flow and experience of the event.
  • Event Design: Completely transform the event space using décor, furnishings, and lighting to create an environment that aligned with the client’s vision.
  • Banquets and Catering: Professional oversight of banquet services and menu planning to ensure a delightful culinary experience.
  • Event Technology: State-of-the-art audio-visual solutions to enhance the event experience.
  • Run of Show: Detailed run of show to ensure smooth event flow.
  • Step and Repeat Design and Event Photography: Professional event photography to capture and preserve memorable moments.
  • Special Guest Management: Comprehensive management of special guests, including liaising with talent agencies and handling special guest riders.
  • On-site Management: On-site management to oversee every aspect of the event and address any issues promptly.
  • Financial Management: Detailed financial management including budget creation, tracking, and final reconciliation.
  • Event Compliance Close-out: Ensuring compliance and transparent reporting on aggregate spend.


Our team provided comprehensive on-site oversight and logistical support, ensuring smooth execution from start to finish, allowing the client and attendees to focus on the event’s content, relationship building and networking opportunities.

A big thank you to the entire team at The St. Anthony, A Luxury Collection Hotel, and Event Technology Support, Inspire Solutions, for their dedication to supporting our event specifications. Your responsiveness and willingness to help were key in making our event a huge success. We truly appreciate all your hard work and support!

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