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A Memorable Holiday Party: Celebrating Employees and Success

Short Hills Hilton, NJ
A Memorable Holiday Party: Celebrating Employees and Success


  • Entertain employees with a celebratory holiday party.
  • Congratulate team members and highlight company successes in the past year.


A pharmaceutical client asked us to help end their year in style with a fantastic holiday party. After learning their objective, we chose the theme “Holiday Harmony,” with every detail thoughtfully designed. Attendees were sent personalized invitations and arrived to a winter wonderland with breathtaking décor. The scene was set with fabric draping, lighting, white painted birch tree branches, crystal beaded curtains, branded acrylic towers, and shimmery table designs. Scattered high and low top tables with modern tufted white leather lounge furniture provided open, casual seating. Guests enjoyed a custom-built photo booth with silver fabric, snowflake ice sculptures, and strings of crystals hanging from above with fun props to wear like blankets, scarves, and ushanka hats. Sublime entertainment was provided by A Capella performers, Blue Jupiter and Element Vocals. Company achievements and outstanding performances were highlighted as the company closed the book on a successful year.

Key Services Provided:
  • Concept and theme, event design
  • Budget management and reconciliation
  • Event management & planning
  • Unique invitation and custom online registration
  • Special event venue sourcing & selection
  • Menu, F&B planning
  • Custom themed environment, custom scenery
  • Talent management, live music & entertainment
  • Décor, lighting, audio-visual and photography
  • Branded merchandise and departure gifts


  • A creative, captivating party energized employees.
  • Holiday celebration increased company pride.
  • Built peer-to-peer relationships contributing to a positive workplace culture.
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