Big Puzzle, Lots of Small Pieces: Organizing Large Corporate Events

September 11, 2019

The MTG Logistics Team reflects on their experience planning an employee appreciation event at the Make-A-Wish Castle in Monroe Township, NJ:

A well-run event is like a world-class symphony: so many moving parts working in harmony can create something truly memorable. We work a lot with companies who have a fantastic idea for an event, and simply need our help putting all the pieces together. Often you’ll find there’s way more to organizing a successful program than you might expect.

Bringing Big Ideas To Life

In 2019, we were hired to assist in the planning of a biotechnology client's All-Employee Event, bringing a total of 600 employees and guests together from across the globe. The goals were to remind team members of the company’s mission, update them on their progress, provide firsthand testimonials from people who had benefited from their work, and ultimately inspire everyone to keep doing a great job.

Our client had booked the Make-A-Wish Castle in Monroe Township, NJ. It tied in with their theme and they were going to take part in granting a wish for a very special child that day. For such a noble idea, we were delighted to lend our expertise taking care of the logistics that needed to be considered to make the day a success.

The Work Behind The Magic

Since the castle itself offered limited function space, we arranged a steel-framed tent in the parking lot that would properly host the large group. From there, we created a sophisticated transportation strategy, moving attendees to arrive and leave the castle from multiple locations at different time frames throughout the day. Our team proactively arranged additional tents to provide a covered pathway to the main area to ensure no one was left walking in rain should bad weather occur. Sure enough, when two thunderstorms hit the area, everyone was dry and comfortable (though we had an extreme weather evacuation strategy in place, just in case).

As for the event, we contacted some of our favorite vendors to provide entertainment for the entire audience, including a DJ, caricature artists, airbrush tattoo artists, an interactive photo booth, a light-up Connect Four wall, and Disney characters. We also booked event personnel infrastructure like catering, rentals, audio/visual equipment, photography, and staffing.

It's Just That Simple

We’re proud to say the event went off without a hitch and was an amazing success. By connecting the team’s work and mission to the people whose lives it’s changed, employees enjoyed themselves while discovering a renewed passion for achieving their everyday goals.

Our client just needed a little help bringing it all together.

What started as a single idea (a fun day at the Make-A-Wish Castle) required transportation, event planning, weather contingencies, entertainment, and more. Without the coordination and organization expertise of MTG Logistics, unresolved issues would’ve led to the day being memorable for all the wrong reasons. By considering all the factors, hand in hand with our client, we navigated complex timing and arrangements to make this wonderful idea a reality.

 In short, we made sure this symphony hit all the right notes.

Do you have a great idea for your company’s next event? Contact us today to learn how MTG Logistics can make your meeting and event dreams come true.