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The Billion-Dollar Conference: Exhibiting at AHA Scientific Sessions

August 27, 2020

The MTG Logistics Team reflects on their experience planning an exhibition at the AHA Scientific Sessions 2019:

No matter how large your event or meeting, there is no room for error. Delivering an outstanding experience for attendees is paramount, and it’s always important to focus on the intersection of their needs and a business’ key objectives.

Our expertise at bridging this gap was on full display at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2019. This conference attracts tens of thousands of cardiologists, healthcare experts, scientists, and representatives from cardiovascular medicine businesses all across the country. The client’s key objective was to represent themselves as a standout company with their innovative approach as well as their powerful findings.

The gravity of large conferences and trade shows cannot be overstated, both from a learning and a business perspective. Over the life of AHA Scientific Sessions, our client show cased their data they knew would leave an impact. Their presence and expertise on display at this event played a key role in their company being purchased by Novartis for 9.7 billion dollars.

How A Large Healthcare Event Comes Together

For this program, we seamlessly integrated into the client’s massive media ecosystem, positioning ourselves at the center to project manage and over see the diverse collection of event planning assets involved. Our role included careful implementation of event project management processes, control and budgeting and streamlined collaboration with each separate team involved in showcasing the brand’s groundbreaking findings. We maintained strict adherence to exhibition guidelines, deadlines, and regulatory procedures across all deliverables, while providing transparency and timeline updates to the client, serving as their trusted liaison for the development of their event presence.

By working extensively with all parties involved, we managed the client’s logistics and presentation. We collaborated with internal and external vendors to make sure all facets of the company’s itinerary were covered, identified key touch points, created meeting opportunities, and handled the planning necessary for executive arrangements. We had our team onsite to coordinate last-minute changes and adjust arrangements when necessary. Working directly with high-level executives, we were trusted as go-to coordinators and trusted advisors to keep their event running smoothly.

The Benefits of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Event Expertise

With our help, we arranged gatherings for the executives to meet with healthcare professionals to grow their relationships. We made sure the client knew of additional promotional opportunities when possible, adding our own recommendations based on experience in both healthcare as well as cardiovascular health events. These were made possible by our knowledge of the field and a near-memorization of the convention’s strict guidelines. We supplemented this extensive project management with strategy updates to help our clients maximize their presence. In a crowded field with tons of information being shared, our client was able to separate themselves with their message and their ability to connect with guests.

We obviously can’t guarantee that every client event we work on will lead to a billion-dollar acquisition. That said, when the stakes were highest, our client didn’t hesitate to lean on our team for providing everything they needed and more when it came to their event and logistics execution. Because we’re so experienced in these fields, providing the highest level of service is something we completely understand. Tailoring the company’s mission and ideas to the AHA Scientific Session guidelines and best practices, we’re proud to have played a role in the growth and development of both our client’s business as well as sharing their profound scientific achievements.

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