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MTG Spotlight Series 2021: Unique Promotional Products

September 3, 2021

As a meeting logistics and promotions company, we have the opportunity to introduce you to unique promotional products that are sure to surprise and delight your clients or employees for any gifting occasion.

Record Remix

Record Remix takes vintage records (past playing prime) and transforms them into coasters, magnets, bottle openers and more. This innovative and eco-friendly company can even transform old vinyl into unforgettable invitations! From music themed events to employee incentives, these out of the box products are sure to leave your clients or employees feeling like rock stars.

Image courtesy of Record Remix

Foxy Originals

Foxy Originals offers fully customizable jewelry and accessories including necklaces, bracelets, pins, luggage tags, ties and scarves. Create uniquely on-brand wearables and accessories your clients or employees will proudly show off all year long.

Image courtesy of Foxy Originals

So Young

Who said brown bagging your lunch couldn't be eco-conscious and fashionable? So Young offers stylish and sustainable lifestyle products like lunch pouches, wine coolers and beauty pouches.

Image courtesy of So Young

Lula's Garden

Grow your business relationships with a long-lasting and sustainable succulent garden, grown on family-owned farms and hand picked to ensure the highest quality.

Image courtesy of Lula's Garden

Contact us today to learn more about how these Promotional products can help you build relationships and make an impact.