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Products To Help Your Office Go Green

April 7, 2016

Earth Day is April 22 so it's time to green up your office. Here are some simple ways that you can make a difference and show that you care about the environment. We carry all of these eco-friendly promotional products in our MTG Promotions division. Be sure to check out  MTG Promotions.com where you can search for a vast array of promotional products.

In the workplace kitchen, you can replace styrofoam and paper cups with reusable custom mugs. You'll lower expenses in the long run, and employees will have an eco-friendly way to sip their coffee or tea. You can also buy inexpensive stainless steel flatware to replace plastic utensils that end up in the garbage as waste.

Give employees branded lunch bags with your company logo. You'll be helping them reduce their eco-footprint, save money on lunches out, and you're providing them with a useful gift that's eco-friendly not just on Earth Day, but every day.

Nearly every office uses large quantities of paper. When making copies, set your machine to use both sides of paper to cut your consumption in half. Instead of throwing away old documents, shred them and reuse them as packing material in shipments. Try to use recycled paper whenever possible. This cute recycled spiral bound notebook comes with a recycled ballpoint pen, sticky notes & flags and would be a green additional to any office.

Like other appliances, computers can be major energy hogs. This Eco-Snooze Button is environmentally friendly, saves energy and is made with recycled plastic. By pushing the button you can send your computer into sleep mode, saving all your work behind a computer password.

The Switch Plate Energy Saver is a thermometer switch plate cover that features an insulating foam gasket to seal out drafts and a swivel dial that reads Fahrenheit on one side and Celsius on the other. It shows you the ideal temperature range to be in so you use less electricity while remaining comfortable.

Plants in the workplace help reduce stress, enhance employee attitudes, increase productivity, and improve air quality. This versatile indoor garden can be affixed to various vertical magnetic surfaces, such as refrigerators and file cabinets. Included suctions cups also allow for placement on windows and other smooth surfaces.

Contact us today for pricing and product information for any of the promotional products featured in our blog. All items can be branded with a company logo and would make excellent employee gifts or customer giveaway gifts.