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Optimizing Rare Disease Conference Logistics: A Case Study in San Diego 2024

February 27, 2024

Expert Program Management for Client's Exhibition and Support Opportunities



 • Secure highly sought-after promotional objectives and efficiently manage multiple deadline-driven deliverables across several months.

• Develop and distribute concise communications to streamline hotel and registration coordination for 100+global company executives, employees, and sponsored healthcare professionals from over 15 countries.

• Offer thorough on-site oversight and logistical support to ensure seamless meeting and event execution.



In early 2024, Meeting Logistics took charge of managing a pivotal 5-day Rare Disease Conference at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, marking our third consecutive year of collaboration with the program. With the client aiming to make a significant impact, we initiated planning a full 8 months ahead of the event's commencement. Our objective was clear: to provide comprehensive support for every aspect of the conference, spanning promotional opportunities, exhibition planning, advertising, marketing, and educational sessions.


We understood the importance of delivering a seamless experience for both attendees and organizers alike. Through meticulous planning and strategic guidance, Meeting Logistics ensured our client had the necessary insights to make informed decisions, secure key opportunities, and seamlessly execute their vision.


Moreover, the WORLDSymposium conference presented a unique chance for our clients to connect with their core audience and customer base. However, navigating the competitive landscape of scheduling and venue space allocation posed challenges. Leveraging our expertise, we devised a strategic approach to maximize meeting space utilization and optimize time management.


Collaborating with a trusted third-party contractor, we introduced innovative meeting space solutions, including the construction of modular "pods" within the client's designated area. These pods facilitated concurrent meetings for up to six groups, accommodating up to ten attendees each. This innovative solution significantly expanded available meeting time, enabling our client to engage with their target audience more effectively than ever before.


Meeting Logistics successfully executed a diverse range of programs, spanning from Internal Compliance, Alignment, and Debrief Meetings to Satellite Symposia and Industry Expert Theater, as well as a Patient Advocacy Reception & Workshop. Our comprehensive services encompassed:



  • End-to-end Conference and Project Management, from Inception to Completion
  • Financial Management including Estimated Budget Creation, Tracking, Program Close out and Reconciliation
  • Contract Management for Conference Opportunities, Hotel Room Block(s) and Function and Meeting Space
  • Attendee Management, covering Hotel Accommodations, Rooming List Management, and Conference Registration
  • Communications including Save the Date, Invitation, Custom Online Registration, Confirmation and Welcome Messaging
  • Banquets and Catering encompassing Room Setups, Pod Development, and Food and Beverage Coordination
  • Event Technology; Audio Visual Equipment and Support
  • On-site Management for Seamless Execution and Support Throughout the Event