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Health and Safety Protocols for In- Person Meetings and Events

February 22, 2022

In person meetings and events are slowly coming back. But with the COVID-19 delta and omicron variants, there are still health and safety precautions that should be considered for in-person events.  

Keep Physical Distance

  • Try to ensure your event space allows for 6 ft. of distance between personnel and attendees whenever possible. Ideally, room occupancy should be kept under 50%. If distancing is not possible, face coverings should be worn.
  • Use tele- or video conferencing or break out rooms to limit large gatherings.
  • Take your meeting outside.  

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Hygiene and PPE Considerations

  • Provide attendees with branded face coverings and hand sanitizers to use for the duration of the event.  
  • Provide testing or temperature screening at your event, or require proof of negative test results prior to start of the event. If you plan on screening at the event, be sure to post social distancing markers.

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Making attendees feel safe and comfortable is a number one priority for any in-person event. If you feel uncomfortable with hosting live events at this time, a hybrid or virtual event might be a better fit.

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Advice above is based on the most recent NY Forward Safety Plan (as of September 2021). Each event is unique and safety protocols may vary per venue or event location. MTG Logistics will ensure that any in-person event adheres to local guidelines.