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Gift Your Attendees A Memorial Timepiece

March 10, 2016

Create a Personal Gift Experience with Bulova's Gift in Time Program

With Bulova's "Gift In Time" program - planners pick the plan and product in their specified price point and the Bulova sales team creates a customized experience for attendees. On-site sizing is also available for an extra fee. The recipients receive a gift voucher and simply make their selection at the redemption table. Adding an extra sense of appreciation for your attendees.

Bulova will provide several different styles including a gift box and gift bag. These can include both strap and bracelet models. The initial watch selection will be decided upon before the event takes place. Custom imprinting of logos or designs is available on most watch dials for an extra expense.

Contact us today to learn more about how MTG Logistics can connect you with the perfect gifts or awards for your next corporate event.