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Corporate Communication & Management In Las Vegas

July 11, 2019

The MTG Logistic Team reflects on their experience coordinating a company leaders' program in Las Vegas:

Corporate Communication & Management In Las Vegas

One of our longest-tenured clients approached us on short notice to coordinate a company leaders’ program. This three-day event would take place in Las Vegas to implement new ways of working. They identified an opportunity to connect their executives with the larger management team to collaborate, providing an exceptional chance to have this specific group of people together. The main goal? Educate their team on new communications strategies, project management software, and personnel management tactics. The meeting entailed a number of workshops where the attendees were led into groups, each led by an executive to provide solutions and insight into how the leaders could roll out these changes. With all of their global leaders in one place, this event gave our client the chance to galvanize communication and comprehensively demonstrate new teamwork models.

Our Process

Knowing the offerings and exquisite hospitality Las Vegas has to offer, we sourced and sent RFPs out to the properties that matched what the client was looking for. Once we narrowed down the choices that properly accommodated what was needed, we made a strong recommendation. Trusting our expertise, the client agreed, and we selected the Waldorf Astoria. This resort provided the luxury experience to make the guests comfortable without the standard glitz and glamour of Vegas (which, while undoubtedly perfect for some occasions, was not what this event called for.) Communicating with their new events liaison, we explained each recommendation and detail. This was to help them understand exactly how we were translating their values and needs into action and decisions that would resonate with their guests. We knew they wanted to be work-focused while encouraging networking and discovery in these small groups. This full agenda meant organizing to make sure all attendees got the most out of their experience.

The Event

We organized the travel for all guests not already in Las Vegas, and every participant received a branded and individually tailored invitation, registration, welcome package, and attendance confirmation. Our design team created graphics and branding to use on all touchpoints, producing exciting designs and more a standard company logo. Ground transportation and hotel accommodations were fully arranged; all the guests had to do was show up. These attendees arrived to a welcome event where everyone would meet and catch up over cocktails. In the meetings themselves, we arranged for each small team to have a flat screen monitor on which the groups could take collaborative notes live while exchanging ideas. We coordinated and set up all equipment needs, making it seamless for participants to go from notetaking to showcasing their efforts through group presentations. These meetings were the hub for developing the new company culture and personnel strategies. To continue the day’s discussion, we arranged for these groups to enjoy world-class dining experiences at some of the signature Las Vegas restaurants. We ensured that each group enjoyed different cuisine from the top resorts, providing an excellence culinary experience.

The Result

Over the course of the three days, these teams and their leaders, built trust and focused the company’s direction. By learning these strategies as a group, the sixty guests were able to take these lessons to their team and drive the company’s messaging and values home.

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