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Conference & Event Management Services for the 2019 ESC Congress in Paris, France

June 5, 2020

The MTG Logistics Team reflects on their experience providing event and conference services to a client exhibiting at the 2019 ESC Conference in Paris, France:

Specialists in Conference and Congress Management

Representing your organization at a world-renowned congress requires comprehensive preparation. When it comes to showcasing your brand for 33,000 people, an approach that combines big picture thinking with meticulous attention to detail is a surefire way to produce exceptional business outcomes.

A client brought our company, on to help them with exhibiting and attending the ESC Congress 2019, the European Society of Cardiology. Located throughout Paris, France, this enterprise-level event required a vast approach with no room for error. The company had the chance to present vital information to cardiologists and HCPs and it was our mission to make sure the information was properly disseminated and seen as much as possible.

Congress Logistics Fully Organized

To help make the event a success, we seamlessly integrated into the client’s core management team, coordinating all the moving parts involved (including creative agencies, vendors, presenters, and more) while project managing all congress guidelines and deadlines. In addition, we facilitated all currency exchanges and kept the exhibiting timeline on track, tracking scope changes as new opportunities arose.

In effect, we made sure all the moving parts were in sync. To present at the largest congress of cardiologists in the world, our team organized the appropriate logistics such as travel, transportation, lodging, executive meetings, and more. We made sure that all advertising/promotional opportunities adhered to the congress prospectus (which was approximately 180 pages) while advising all parties of requirements and changes. Our specialty was getting up to speed quickly on the breadth of information about specs and deadlines, being reliable sources of expertise for both the client and vendors and overseeing the delivery of key assets. We also had a team member onsite in Paris who was trusted by executives to help navigate the planned congress logistics and to make sure all key stakeholders were in the right place at the right time.

Cardiology Branding and Promotion That Stands Out

Part of our work also included understanding the information flow and what experience the brand wanted visiting cardiologists to have. Knowing the client would have a large presence between its exhibit booth, advertising/promotional opportunities, and speaker engagements, we supplemented these by organizing meetings for their key shareholders and smaller events to drive home important messaging in more intimate, collaborative settings.

With all this in place, the congress was a massive success for our client. Their advertising left an impact with attendees and subsequent meetings focused on building important business relationships. By combining widespread messaging at key touch points with powerful branding moments, our client was able to captivate an intelligent audience and leave the conference with increased awareness and deep understanding of its key messages.

The key to pulling off an event of this magnitude? Being well-versed in the intricacies of managing medical conventions, we worked hand-in-hand with the client’s sales teams, vendors, creatives, science experts, communication teams, and C-Suite executives overseeing day-to-day deliverables, while ensuring strict congress deadlines were adhered to.

Whether we’re tasked with overseeing an entire event or we’re called upon to ingratiate ourselves as a member of a client’s in-house event management team, our dedication to outstanding service comes across in our detail-oriented conference management process, whether the event is live, virtual or hybrid.

Contact us to learn more about how MTG Logistics can help ensure the success of your next medical congress or healthcare conference.