Trendsetting Food and Beverages


The direction that food trends are taking include: fresh, in-season products that are ideally locally produced, menus that showcase style and creativity like heavy hors d’oeuvre receptions, chef attended stations with some level of cooking action, tapas and small plates and lastly, appetizer-style desserts. If you like pies and cake pops, you’ll love pie pops. Whether savory or sweet, there’s something irresistible about breaking through that golden pastry crust and tucking into the gooey or succulent filling.

There will be more playful cooking techniques such as aromatic steaming, pickling and smoking. Another emerging culinary trend is Scandinavian/New Nordic cuisine. Interactive chef stations will continue to be in demand because of the emphasis on customization. To make it a truly experiential event, try interactive experiences. Why not hire a celebrity chef to manage a create-your-own food station? We will see more special dietary foods as clients become informed about how the food they eat affects their body and health. Concerns include gluten and lactose intolerance, vegetarian diets and food allergies to nuts and seafood.

Whether you’re planning a cocktail party, marketing event, or a gala, the bar tends to be the most popular place at any event. As for beverage trends, premium flavored vodka in every flavor imaginable has run its course and is now out. The top three trends are drinks made with: tequila, gin and whiskey. Serving things in fun containers like silver julep cups, wine infused Jell-o shots cut and served as cubes and unique garnishes and flavors. Fresh herbs, such as mint, basil and lavender, add a fresh note to drinks. Edible flowers and lavender essence grab guest’s attention. Signature cocktails are in. For example, the Floozy, a cocktail served at a new gastro-lounge in New York, is made with vodka, fresh lime, simple syrup, and muddled strawberries, then topped with a fresh daisy.

What would your signature cocktail to be? Please share recipes and photos!