Themed Special Event Ideas

The Great Gatsby (3D) is a movie based on the 1925 novel of the same name that just came out starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Celebrate this theme with invitations that lure the ladies to wear 1920’s flapper style dresses with fringe, beading and hair decorations just like the trends we saw on the runway during the 2012 spring fashion shows. Men will be totally swag in pinstripes, shiny black shoes and other dapper accessories. Guests will enter into glamorous décor and a dimly lit scene with plush vintage velvet furniture in deep jewel tones providing lounge seating. Can you picture this yet? Fashionable drinks like the Mint Julip, Sidecar and Martini are served combined with jazz music that inspires the atmosphere. Dinner tables adorned with coral roses, feathers and pearls will show off a rich, lavish Gatsby style menu. We would love to help you plan your Roaring ‘20s theme for your next gala or special event.

Glammed out Great Gatsby hotels: