Suitcase Candy

Are you interested in protecting and identifying your existing luggage? How many times have you waited for your black suitcase at the baggage claim in frustration? We have recently discovered a new product that fits over your existing suitcase. The covers are stylish, form fitted and hand washable made of strong stretchable neoprene fabric.



They are waterproof and help protect your luggage from rain and snow. You will quickly reduce the time it takes to identify your bag at the airport. There are many different designs, patterns and colors to choose from. They come in two sizes: carry on and checked bag size. There are two sizes: small for bags 20-24 inches in height (carry-on size) and large for bags 25-30 inches in height (checked bag size). They are machine washable and stretch to fit most suitcases.

These TSA compliant covers can be customized with your own monogram, custom graphics, company logo and even sports team emblem. I can think of many uses for this product including marketing your brand, as part of a fundraising campaign, hotel giveaway gifts and as destination wedding favors.  The options are limitless.

This product also provides one more layer of security that will discourage someone from breaking into your luggage and going through your things. For a product demo video, please click here.