Relax at High Altitude

Blauer collage

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I came across this clever apparel product in an Italian in-flight magazine on my recent travels to Sicily and I loved it and pictured myself in the pink one! This is called the “Easy Travel” by Blauer Hi.Tech and it consists of a sweatshirt available in men’s and women’s sizes and a multitude of colors.  They are wind and waterproof and are made of knit nylon and lycra. It comes with a small removable cushion inside of the hood pocket that can be inflated as a comfortable head pillow for peaceful slumber. This travel companion is designed for frequent flyers who want to be comfortable if they nod off mid flight and to avoid waking up to a stiff neck. I hate it when you just fall asleep and you get that neck whip feeling.; this would solve that! It will also keep you warm as airplane air conditioners are notoriously icy. They also make just the travel cushion portion that can be attached to any of their sweatshirts. Shop here.