Public Park Events and Teambuilding

Summer provides the opportunity to get out of the office and into the sun. Corporate offices around the world are going to parks, beaches, and other leisure locations to promote team building. At a time of economic thriftiness, Meeting Logistics has been asked to think outside the box in order to utilize shoestring budgets to generate brilliant events. A great option for low-budget events is utilizing parks in New York City. To make costs exponentially lower, hamper down in one neighborhood. Here are some examples of how you can lower your overall costs without losing prime team building effectiveness:

  • Ask your group to take public transportation; Meeting Logistics can organize public or private buses for your group.
  • Ask a deli, local food market, or caterer to create budget conscious lunch items for your group.
  • Meeting Logistics has several team-building options for your company to choose from at multiple levels of cost and involvement.
  • Ask your group to wear 1 particular colored t-shirt so you can look like a group! Or Meeting Logistics can coordinate custom branded t-shirts for your whole team!
  • Most after party venues for work-day events will operate at a fraction of the cost. We recommend an open bar with beer, wine, soda and a set menu.

Meeting Logistics, LLC works with vendors and venues around the world so don’t think we’re stuck to just the NYC Metro Area! Has your company ever gotten out of the office for an event like this? We want to know about it, so comment here!