October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Fundraising Party Ideas

There are plenty of ways that you can support Breast Cancer Awareness. Activities can include fundraising events, awareness messaging promoting the cause and more. Meeting Logistics has great ideas to share with you. We also found a few companies that are going above and beyond according to a Forbes Article written by Deborah Sweeney.

Delta Airlines “Pink Plane”
“In 2010, we painted one of our Boeing 767-400s pink to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In 2012, we added Evelyn Lauder’s signature on the aircraft in memory of her dedication to help find a cure for breast cancer.” Since the day the aircraft was first given it’s glossy coat of pink paint, Delta’s “pink plane” has carried nearly 266,753 customers on about 1,300 trips around the world. Passengers this year can expect even more ways to get “Perks for Pink” as outlined on Delta’s Facebook page which has promised that 50,000 likes for Delta means $50,000 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Some of the in-flight perks that give back include a Signature Sandwich Pink Box Lunch (for domestic flights over 1400 miles), 100% of proceeds for BCRF with the purchase of Minute Maid Pink Lemonade, upgraded pink earbuds, 10% of proceeds given to BCRF with a Delta Sky Club membership and flight attendants all dolled up in pink for the month.

Panera Bread
Hungry? Grab a bagel that gives back with the seasonal Pink Ribbon Bagel. Panera’s pink ribbon bagels are not only a favorite with customers but have raised over $1.3 million for breast cancer charities nationwide with nearly 2 million bagels sold in 2011 alone.

It’s wining and dining with a powerful impact. ONEHOPE wine is fighting the good fight against breast cancer by donating 50% of profits generated from the sale of every bottle of their California Chardonnay towards breast cancer prevention and early detection. Check out ONEHOPE wine and theirPink Perfection Gift Basket 

Avon Walks for Breast Cancer are held in San Francisco, New York City, Charlotte, Houston, Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago and Santa Barbara.

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