New Year, New You!

The struggle for work-life balance extends into every aspect of our lives. In a world where everyone is expected to multi-task 24/7, it is difficult to find a middle ground. With this in mind, I decided for our March MPI-NJ chapter education program to concentrate on the importance of taking care of ourselves. The healthier we are, the more productive we become. To solidify this point, I brought together a combination of three dynamic speakers.

The first speaker focused on how food can fuel or fowl our normal bodily systems. Lorraine Maita, MD, provided compelling reasons to the what, why and how to create an overall healthier you. She shared information on:
1. Supplements
2. Quality of what you eat which can dramatically affect our health
3. Quantity and portion control
4. Timing of when we eat, hint: every four hours
5. Importance of fitness

I highly recommend Lorraine Maita, MD. Check out her webpage, her bio and read her book, “Vibrance for Life: How to Live Younger and Healthier”. She is dedicated to educating and motivating people to attain optimal healthier lifestyles. Live younger- who doesn’t want to do that!

Chris Curran, our second speaker has a book called “Leap beyond your limits, how to command your own future”. Chris delivered a unique angle on our mind and the powerful dominance it has over our bodies. All of the actions that our body takes are due to the influence of our minds. We should use our minds to gain control of our life and produce results through self-leadership.
Spell out our goals, visualize the kind of life that we want to live and picture ourselves accomplished. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself, “I will have a positive day”, and envision how it will be positive…it works. His book guides through a journey of change that can help people begin to win and makes dreams a reality.

Valerie Pawlowski concluded the evening with a powerful presentation on Heart Healthy. How the heart is the most important muscle organ in our body. She educated us on how to keep the heart pumping and why it matters. How 30 minutes daily at a minimum of regular physical activity lowers weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and reduces risk of disease. Valerie inspired me to stop procrastinating and to set goals. She recommended mixing up different activities that include balance, endurance, strength and flexibility training. Valerie’s mission is to reach as many people as possible to help them live healthier, more joyful and abundant lives.

From the March MPI-NJ educational program, I walked away with lasting impressions; I was inspired to start to make better choices and that I can believe in myself and reap the benefits of a transformation into a healthier me.