Mobile Cuisine at Your Next Party


Want to celebrate your employees? Looking to mark a company milestone in style? Trying to impress some important clients? Consider hiring a food truck come and cater your next event. Great for informal corporate lunches, celebrations, entertaining. They have become gourmet kitchens that travel. Simply select a cuisine or food choice of your liking. You wouldn’t believe the amount of food options available such as: bbq, Mexican, grilled cheese, sliders, steak, wings, waffles, dumplings, empanadas, lobster, and some sweets samplings too: ice cream/gelato, cupcakes, crepes. The list is almost endless. There is sure to be a food truck to satisfy what you’re looking for.

Best of all events are fun, accessible and completely affordable. While researching this topic I came across a web site called I typed our location and the closest to us is New York City. I got a vast array of all of the available food trucks in our area.  And they have almost 40 cities on their list of participating cities.

The décor and aesthetics of these trucks has become an artwork in itself. These food trucks are equipped with restaurant quality grills, burners and even smokers and brick ovens. You may even get a professionally trained chef operating a truck. Some of these food trucks come with wait staff to bring food to your guests. Or it can be done the old fashioned way where the guests order at the truck window and wait while it’s prepared fresh.

All you need to do is find an outdoor location, perhaps a nearby park with a large picnic area, even your workplace parking lot would work. Then create fun invitations and invite your team to enjoy in the latest trend – food trucks. We promise that your employees will be talking about it long after the event is over.