Jingle and Mingle


The holidays are a great time to gather people from the office to have a company party. Rather than doing the standard food, drinks, and music, throw a theme party. It’s different and is an excuse for the people you work with to cut loose and relax. Need some inspiration when it comes to corporate holiday party themes? Look no further! We can help! Call us today for help with any celebration event, 908-771-0804.

1.  A Christmas Story. Center your party theme around typical holiday celebrations of that decade, scattering details from the Christmas movie favorite throughout the evening.

2.  Masquerade Ball. This formal theme incorporates decorative masks to adorn the faces of all guests.  If you go about this theme with enthusiasm and energy, you, too, could have an experience nearly as extravagant as the Phantom of the Opera.

3.  Santa’s Workshop. This holiday party theme is centered on charity.  Make the theme of your organization’s holiday party “giving back.” Ask that each guest bring a toy for a child in need this holiday season.  At the end of the evening, all gifts will be donated to a local toy drive.

4.   The Chocolate Factory. If you’d like to incorporate whimsical fantasies into your company’s holiday party, try hosting a Willy Wonka-themed holiday soiree.  Whether you call it “Candyland” or “The Chocolate Factory,” your venue should be big, unique and bold enough to encompass over-sized, quirky designs and an even bigger imagination.

5.  White Christmas. Take the white Christmas theme to the extreme by turning your entire party into one big white extravaganza. White linens, white china, white chairs, white Christmas trees with white ornaments and ribbon, etc.  Decorate the back of each chair with white angel wings and add white “snowflakes” to your centerpieces and table tops.

6.  Christmas Around the World. The holidays are celebrated across the globe. Take a trip around the world with an international food-themed holiday party. The best way to incorporate multiple countries is by creating a series of food stations based on different cuisine served around the world.

Source: www.tastycatering.com