Think About Having Instaprint at Your Next Event

Image source: Instaprint

I read an interesting online article on about a new photo option at events. It’s replacing the standard photo booths that have been a large trend these past few years. It is very similar to a modern day Polaroid.

From the article: “Instaprint markets itself as photo booth remade, capturing ‘the entire event, not just the people.’ Developed by Brooklyn-based BREAKFAST, the device links up with Instagram, printing images under a specific hashtag or location.”

“Let’s take advantage of the fact that everyone has a camera on them,” says Michael Lipton, BREAKFAST and Instaprint co-founder and COO. “It’s all driven by Instagram. People can get the app on their phone, hashtag a photo, and then we print the photo—there’s no extra step, no computers, no passwords. It all happens automatically.”

An Instaprint technician can set everything up in under an hour. All that’s needed is a smooth wall to hang the devices, a stable Internet connection and a power outlet. As an added bonus, Instaprint’s software generates an after-event report, which includes the number of people who viewed the photos.

Stockholm02Image source: Instaprint

They even offer event analytics. Instaprint is about much more than just printing photos. Every person that hashtags a photo or video is sharing the event they’re at with all of their followers adding up to lots of impressions. Instaprint’s software compiles a report at the end of each event to provide an array of analytics on how well Instaprint performed.

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