How to plan a successful ancillary event and maximize education and networking opportunities at a conference:  I know that these tips sound typical, but after planning hundreds of ancillary events and working seamlessly with associations, the below tips really work.

  1. Plan well in advance – it is worth the effort
  2. Be aware of all dates and deadlines – try to get these in advance
  3. Read and follow the rules, regulations and guidelines – there is no point in challenging these
  4. Work with an experienced planning team who can guide you through the details – like us
  5. To save time, collect information and feedback before the event for a more valuable and engaging attendee experience – capture the voice of the attendee
  6. Send out clear, effective communications and logistical details -deliver a professional message right from the start
  7. Plan an appropriate agenda and respect timelines – time is extremely valuable
  8. Consider recording your event for people who cannot attend