How to Create Lasting Impressions

Personalized glassware is a creative way to promote any campaign or event, especially health causes. One-of-a-kind custom glassware can be uniquely designed with a theme, message or tagline. Glasses with a great design will get used over and over again and will generate the lasting impressions most desire. What could be a better excuse than to indulge into a specialty or an exclusive non-alcoholic pink cocktail than knowing you are helping a great cause? Bars, restaurants and lounges often sell signature cocktails in their custom glassware with a portion of the proceeds to benefit a good cause including The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The advantage here is the restaurant or company gains a good reputation by being promoted together with the meaningful cause they believe in. This builds consumer trust and creates more awareness of their brand and services.  Find these glasses and other great custom “Go Pink” items on our Promotions Page <<>>.