Go Paperless, Green Ideas


In today’s society, learning about paperless technology is a must. Going paperless can help businesses save money, space, and increase productivity, while automating the process for internal and external communications. Here are some technology ideas and resources that companies should start to implement into everyday business:

1. A Quick Response or QR Code is a square barcode that makes getting URLs, text and contact information onto a phone–fast. Consider using a QR code at your next tradeshow or event by including codes on booth graphics and handouts. It reduces the amount of printed material that you need to ship. It also reduces printed products that may end up on landfills or in recycling bins.

For QR codes to process on a phone, it is necessary to have a barcode scanner app installed. There are many to choose from and they are free. Simply, search “QR code scanner” or “bar code scanner” in your app store and download. Use the camera function on your phone to take a picture of the QR Code and it will automatically direct you to the site designated for the code. A QR code is a unique green solution which allows participants to access a web site, company information, promotions, videos and descriptions of a product or even a map.

2. Another great product that has been on the market for a while is eFax. I have been using eFax for years. All of your incoming faxes will be directly sent to your email inbox as an attached picture file that can easily be transferred into a PDF file and stored into a desktop folder. Even though eFax is not a new piece of technology, they have created new phone compatibility apps that make it convenient for on-the-go executives to check important documents via eFax. I encourage you to check out their site for more information: www.efax.com

3. Electronic invitations – An electronic invite is an eco-friendly option that meets all the requirements of a printed invitation and it makes a great impression. The invitation design and format options are virtually endless and electronic invites bring a new look and vibe to your event that some paper invites can’t capture. For your next green event, consider the benefits of electronic delivery and you will be saving valuable time, money and trees 🙂

4. Snipp – This is an interactive marketing tool that companies use to attract customers and their target markets. Frequently found in magazines such as People Style Watch and ESPN, these little codes instruct the readers to text a message from their phone to receive email promotions and discounts. This not only benefits the customers, but it also allows the companies to track what products are popular and attracting the most business. Solutions Across the Entire Path to Purchase – hello SNIPP!