What did your last fortune cookie message say?

Fortune cookie with logo

FACT: No one can resist cracking open a fortune cookie and reading the message You can’t wait. What if your company’s ad could be seen by thousands of potential new customers, how? You can have your company’s ad printed on the paper slip found in fortune cookies. The bonus is that there are 40,000 restaurants within the Fortune Cookie Advertising network that will distribute your fortune cookies. This easy, affordable process opens the door to countless amounts of potential customers! Orders can be tracked by placing coupon codes, QR codes, telephone numbers, websites or email addresses on the strips. We think it’s a great and innovative new way to market your company and obtain new customers.  Here’s an example, a new security camera company used their service. Their ad said: “Company name* keeping your property safe through professional security camera installations. Keep this slip for 15% OFF – *Business number*. “ They received numerous phone calls right away and doubled their business in no time.  You can also order fortune cookies and theme the content inside to your company’s event for a fun twist on a corporate gala or a social gathering.