FDA Advisory Committee Meeting Services


The Las Colinas area just outside of Dallas, TX was the site for the second stage of four Mock Advisory Committee Meetings that further prepared our client for their early 2014 encounter with the FDA. Meeting Logistics applied its knowledge of this meeting type and executed its highest level of service to provide the attendees with a hassle free experience during what is a very busy and intense week for both the individual and the group. The chosen venue provided unparalleled service in a comfortable and serene environment that ensured that there were no distractions to the objective on hand.

The annual American Heart Association conference was taking place only 15 minutes away at the Dallas Convention Center and this allowed our client to personally consult with and receive live expert opinion from valued members of the targeted physician community both as the week progressed in training but also during the final day’s simulation. For over 13 years, corporations large and small have relied upon our meeting management proficiency and responsiveness to achieve the effective and turnkey conduct of all meetings crucial to their success.