Face2Face and Hybrid

Face2Face meetings are the most conducive platform to foster certain business actions or outcomes. Face2Face meetings guarantee full attention from your audience and create an engaging environment for educational and networking purposes. Face2Face builds stronger, more meaningful relationships. Personal interaction is the foundation on which business relationships are built.

A Hybrid meeting combines both Face2Face and virtual components. Hybrid meetings provide the opportunity to extend the reach to convey important content and key messaging to attendees who may not be able to attend due to smaller budgets, time constraints or travel restrictions. Hybrid meetings reach a broader audience and a global audience. With Face2Face and Hybrid combined you can share information, strategize, brainstorm, network and build relationships. Combining physical and virtual makes sense from a strategic and economic viewpoint.

Integrating social media throughout the lifecycle of the meeting will create a sense of community as well as promote the event, provide information, encourage networking, share experiences via images and words, evaluate the meeting pre, in real-time and post meeting as well as maintain the longevity of the experience.

Remote attendees share a similar experience to those attending viewing speakers, slides, gathering information and networking virtually. A moderator for the remote attendees acknowledges their presence and participation. Special attention to the remote audience providing moments of specific engagement such as Q & A chats, voting and one on one virtual discussion will also enhance engagement. Local social events can be organized to enhance Face2Face engagement, interaction and networking. Twitter feeds, photos and video from these events can be shared with all attendees.

The importance of early collaboration of stakeholders, technology and logistical meeting support teams for planning and preparation is vital to ensure operational efficiency and a successful Face2Face and Hybrid event.