Executive Women’s Forum

On August 14, 2012, I, Cathy Mullen, Meeting Logistics, LLC, attended an Executive Women’s Forum hosted by J. H. Cohn LLP in Roseland, New Jersey. Our Speaker, Susan P. Ascher, Founder, President & CEO of The Ascher Group presented on the topic of Executive Presence and The Seven Ups: Dress Up, Show Up, Speak Up, Stand Up, Listen Up, Lighten Up, Follow Up. Susan put her own spin on some of the old-fashioned basics like positive attitude, reliability, professionalism, respect, integrity, and gratitude which the room agreed, many people seem to disregard these days. A good example is how many people ask for proposals these days and do not provide a resolve. Susan put it well, “I can take good news and I can take bad news, it is just polite to receive a resolve”. She also recommended a daily dose of levity and kept the room smiling with hers. Susan’s has a book out called, “Dude, Seriously, It’s NOT all about YOU!” which was given away as a door prize gift. It was such a nice opportunity to meet other women executives and leaders and the session was the perfect size to spark conversations with all of the attendees.