Don’t spill the wine at your event!


Wine tasting blends sensory, interactive, educational and social all into one customized special event. Are you looking to celebrate, host an interactive corporate event that will stand out, impress your best clients, entertain donors for a not-for-profit organization or simply looking for a fabulous theme for a special event? Wine tasting can be your best solution for an innovative event. If you are looking for a fun idea to brand your wine event and not spill a drop, we have a solution. Check out this thin and flexible mylar disc which is rolled up and inserted into the bottle neck to stop any excess drip.


Due to its flexible material, it fits in every bottle. Print your company’s logo, or your special event theme or slogan so everyone remembers your event! Another popular new product is the wine glass in a tumbler so it won’t drip or spill over and is shatter proof. Imprint your company’s logo on these and give it out to your employees. Perfect for outdoor company summer events, the beach, food festivals and tailgating. Give out to your employees or guests.