Destination Happenings – Bermuda


Here are twelve reasons why Bermuda should be on your radar for your next meeting or company conference.

FAST ACCESS – Bermuda is located under two-hours by air from key U.S. east coast cities.; three hours from Miami and 2½ hours from Toronto; therefore, it is possible to travel to Bermuda in the morning or afternoon and hold the first meeting or function that same day.

EXTRA CREDIT – Meetings in Bermuda are U.S. tax-deductible.  Bermuda does not have a sales tax and food and beverage expenditures are not taxed for group functions, groups are attracted to the inclusive factor of a Bermuda meeting. Additionally, Bermuda routinely offers Group Credit promotions, such as credits to be redeemed at the conclusion of travel, for new group bookings. These tend to be for 15 rooms or more for a minimum 3-night stay.

BUSINESS IS BERMUDA’S BUSINESS – More than 75 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have set up businesses here, making Bermuda a world-renowned international business center.  This means that the island has the infrastructure for conducting all forms of business including state-of-the-art technological services and equipment, direct-dial telephones, e-mail and internet services, as well as dependable customer support. A high standard of living has translated into making visitors feel safe and comfortable, which also adds to the sense of ease.

WORLD-CLASS HOTELS AND COTTAGE COLONIES offer a broad range of fully equipped meeting and conference facilities.  Larger resorts include deluxe meeting spaces; some with 5,000 foot conference centers, satellite conferencing and HD monitors, ample Wi-Fi capability and of course, scenic ocean views.

BERMUDA OFFERS A RANGE OF GROUP ACTIVITIES of cultural, historic and athletic nature. With more golf per square mile than anywhere else in the world, incredible sports fishing, scuba in the wreck diving capital of the world, horseback riding and local museums, the island has a variety of options for groups of all sizes.  A year-long calendar of events provides ready-made group functions, including golf tournaments, tennis exhibitions and sailing regattas. Some distinctive venues include private islands, historic forts, ancient churches, stunning gardens and the exotic Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

LOCAL CUISINE such as our famous fish chowder, is available at most restaurants and uniquely different with each serving.  International dishes ranging from Italian and French to Asian and American are also available at hotels or throughout the island.  Besides importing some of the finest foods from around the globe, our chefs also utilize both the surrounding waters and local farms scattered throughout to provide fresh fish, fruits and vegetables in their award-winning meals.

MOVING GROUPS WITH EASE – Due to a strong environmental commitment, there are no rental cars in Bermuda. However, there are hundreds of licensed cabs that move groups around the island seamlessly, along with clean and convenient buses and fast ferries. Bermuda offers a modern and convenient international airport as well that is serviced by multiple major airlines from top gateways.

DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR – The Bermuda dollar (BD$) is divided into 100 cents and is pegged, through gold, to the U.S. dollar. For added convenience, the U.S. dollar is accepted by all merchants.

MILD YEAR ROUND TEMPS – Bermuda has a year-round mild semitropical climate with temperatures ranging from 68 to 84 degrees. It is never too hot or too cold — a real draw for group business.

COMMON CURRENT – The electrical current in Bermuda is the same voltage as the U.S. and Canada.  Therefore, cell phone and laptop chargers as well as personal hair dryers, razors and curling irons work perfectly. Group planners are able to show this as an extra benefit of Bermuda’s convenience when pitching to prospective clients.

DUTY FREE CONVENTION GOODS – Goods used in connection with the holding of a convention or conference may be imported into Bermuda duty free provided that those convention goods are re-exported at the conclusion of the event.  As shipping costs are one of the most expensive items for a group, this feature is a top seller.

HOME SWEET HOME – For return trip, U.S. Customs are cleared in Bermuda allowing travelers fast access to baggage claim. Bermuda offers a seamless commute home.