Cutting-Edge Technology Items

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Do you like the latest gadgets and cutting edge items? So do we. Here’s an assembly of some of the latest tech/travel goodies to make your life easier while on the road, at home or away for a meeting. Here are some brands to watch. Let us supply you with these items through our promotional products division. Visit us at or call Cathy Mullen at 908-771-0804.

LED Lenser high-quality LED flashlights. This is much more than a regular flash light. Designed specifically for law enforcement, the V2 Dual-Color is a tactical light with red LED setting to preserve night vision. This flashlight gives you 5 bright white LEDs surrounding a single red LED. The cloverleaf reflector system gives you a broad lighting pattern without a focused beam.

The TAKTIK EXTREME cell phone case. Do you sometimes drop your cell phone? Is the screen damaged?  If so, this product is for you. It is the highest level of overall cell phone protection, EXTREME provides refined and ultra-rugged protection from impact, drops and screen damage. Featuring Corning Gorilla Glass impact lens for scratch and shatter protection without compromising touch screen responsiveness, water and dust resistant membranes with sealed audio and charging ports.

BlueLounge. Most people have more than one device to charge at one time. The solution is a personal charging station. It has a rubberized tray to hold your multiple electronic gadgets, compact in size, the connectors include two 30-pin iPhone/iPod plugs, a mini-USB, a micro-USB and two standard-USB sockets that you can use to connect any other device with your own cables.

Travalo. Great for travel! Aircraft approved – this refillable atomizer bottle has a unique pressure regulating system that makes the bottle adjust to changing pressure – just 0.04 oz., Atomizer contains no glass parts and its components are 98% recyclable, Cap is metallic color aluminum, No funnels. No spills. Refills directly from almost any fragrance bottle.

Xoopar. Keep your smartphones and portable electronics full charged with this fun robot design portable battery charger with USB, Micro USB, 5 pin, 30 pin, and USB female adapters included in the design. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, plug and play. Comes in white, black and lime green.

Kanex. Universal 3-in-1 black travel AC wall adapter set allows you to charge your devices around the globe. It  gives you international adapter capabilities in more than 180 countries, including plugs from the US, UK, EU, and AU, Supports in an input range of 100-240V, Packaged in a sturdy travel box for travel.

Alchemy Goods. Used bike tubes are the key ingredient to their durable and stylish handmade bags and wallets. Don’t let your old flats languish in a landfill – upcycle them. One-of-a-kind bags made out of reclaimed bicycle inner tubes. 73% Upcycled Material! Water resistant, full front flap for extra security with Velcro closure. Adjustable shoulder strap made from automobile seat belts.

Leatherman. The world’s finest multi-tools. A good multitool is the handiest little gadget you will ever need. At some time or another, all of us have faced a stuck drawer or a tightly closed jar that just won’t open no matter how hard you try to pull or push or twist it. It is in times like these that the multitool knife saves the day. The multitool was designed for the first time by Jim Leatherman in the 1980′s.

Oakley EXTREME bags.  Oakley makes more than just sunglasses, goggles and apparel. Oakley has redefined what a bag is and should be. The original Oakley ‘Kitchen Sink Pack’ has tons of fine details – heavy 600D polyester and nylon construction, side zipper lets you access the padded storage sleeve (fits most tablets and 13” laptops), lid with D-ring and hook tie downs, dedicated lid pocket with soft brushed material lining for your media player, headphone cable port, organizer panel and exterior pocket with 2-way zipper. Top notch materials and craftsmanship.

There are so many more new gadgets to review. Stay tuned for more information as we find out what’s hot at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is finishing up at the end of this week In Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest annual consumer technology trade show, is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Exhibitors show off their newest gadgets and services, including technology for cars, games, cameras, 3D printers, and smart glasses.