Corporate Social Responsiblity

Companies recognize how critical it is to fully integrate Corporate Social Responsibility programs into every facet of their business.  In October, many companies are organizing different CSR initiatives to show their support for breast cancer awareness.  The Meeting Logistics Promotional team experts can help you deliver Pretty in PINK and PINK events this October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to rally the troops from your company to get behind an organization that helps to fund research that works to treat and eradicate such a detrimental disease.  At Meeting Logistics we know from the experiences of our clients, a strong and robust CSR strategy will not only help your company feel effective but also more engaged with the goals of your organization.  By supporting PINK, companies raise awareness as well as fund essential breast cancer research.

We want to share our ideas with you on how to help save lives today with branding opportunities and event ideas that will increase the effectiveness of your Corporate Social Responsibility programs.