Cooking up Memorable Experiences

I connect my love of cooking and entertaining to my every day passion of Meeting Logistics, facilitating continuous building, learning, and creation of memorable experiences! When you bring people together it creates stronger, more meaningful relationships. It’s about people connecting. Cooking for me is creative expression. When I am cooking, I do not think about anything else; I enter into a state of mind focused on accomplishment of an entire experience for my guests. I let my imagination go experimenting with new ingredients, new techniques, flavors and ideas. Part of the fun is creating the overall ambiance for the entire dining experience that touches on all of the senses. So many things inspire my menus and themes including special and current events, celebrations, seasons, etc. This weekend, I put together a wonderful family reunion celebration. The menu consisted of antipasto, baked brie with pears and apples, fresh fruit and berries, fall salad with apples, walnuts, prosciutto and feta, banana bread, roast loin of pork with fennel, homemade macs n cheese, sautéed green beans, and of course fun desserts. Customized attention to quality, detail and innovative ideas from start to finish is how to create lasting memories.