Meetings that deliver more value

On September 13th, Catherine Mullen was a presenter at the Global Media Dynamics 2nd Annual Symposium on Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning. The speaking title was “Meeting Architecture: Content is King but Venue is Critical”.

Meeting Logistics has more than 17 years of experience planning meetings for the Pharmaceutical industry. My experience is that early collaboration of stakeholders and meeting support teams to align and communicate the meeting purpose, the outcomes you are trying to achieve, the design strategy, how you will execute the meeting objectives and how the objectives will be measured is a vital part of the construction of a meeting. Early collaboration is an effective team effort to design meeting content and format of greater value and it also guides budget conscious decisions.

What formats and tools can you use to enhance the learning, networking and motivational experience of the participant pre, during and post meeting? Ideas and tools to connect, engage, interact, educate and motivate were presented to create an overall meeting experience that maximizes the value of your meeting.

When should you plan how to assess and measure your meeting purpose was accomplished? Meetings mean business and identification of the end results, planning the take away, reinforcement and continuity of the experience should be part of the construction of the meeting. Measurement should be part of pre, during and post and the type of measurement is a determination that is made between the stakeholders and your support team.

I used an Audience Response System during the presentation and asked the question, “How often do you find that the venue is booked before the content is developed and the meeting experience is designed?” The answers were 17 % always, 42 % often, 33 % sometimes and 8 % never. The presentation portion of “Venue is Critical” focused on the importance of building the strategy and design (format, tools and operational elements) first and utilizing this information to choose a destination and venue that is appropriate and conducive to execute your meeting purpose and objectives.