Clean the World at MPI WEC

Today I participated in a Clean the World community service event. We were bused and arrived to the facility. Upon arrival, Shawn Seipler,
CEO of Clean the World greeted the group. Then Gregg Herning, VP Sales & Marketing from The Peabody Orlando announced the First Annual Clean the World Gala that is taking place November 5th at The Peabody Orlando. We were then brought inside the facility for a video that explained how effective a bar of soap is to prevent the spread of the top killers of children younger than five from diseases. We take for granted what can be lifesaving to others. Unused bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner are collected by Clean the World Hospitality
Partners and are shipped to the facility. Our jobs today were split up. Some of us had to scrape the bars of soap to clean off debris. The soaps then go into a rebatching and soap sanitation process. It is then boxed and shipped to those in need. Other people had to go through bins of shampoo, conditioner and lotions and save the ones that are 90% full. These plastic bottles are sanitized and shipped as well. The unused bottles are poured out and are properly recycled. Today, teams worked for approximately one hour. In that hour 680 lbs of amenities were presorted and cleaned. These efforts helped 725 children. 700 pounds of bars of soap were boxed which will help 800 children.
This should give a good idea on how Clean the World is really making a difference. Starwood Hotels was the first corporate partner to join Clean the World’s efforts to promote a global hygiene revolution.  After my experience today, I better understand the concept agree that Clean the World is truly committed to saving lives and protecting our planet! Visit