Check out the Newest Tech Trends from #CES2014


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place from January 8th-11th in Las Vegas last month. It is an annual internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Major consumer brands use this trade show to unveil new products and get a lot of press exposure.

This year’s new devises included: wearables, new technology for cars, smart phones and TV’s including LG and Samsung’s new curved TV’s. There was also new technology advancement for tablets, computers, home technology, gaming and more. But one area of particular interest to us is the focus on health technology. Wearable technology could one day be used to help monitor health conditions. This area is still very new in development but will certainly be getting a lot more attention as healthcare companies  and medical device designers try to use this technology in developing new products. Intel’s tiny Edison Chip can be used in wearable devices. It boasts a400-megahertz Quark processor,  built on the company’s 22 nm transistor technology, runs Linux, and includes built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules.” It packs a lot of punch at a very small size, about the size of a memory card that goes into a cell phone.

Another product, a wearable, is a smart contact lens by Google Glass containing a silicon chip so small it’s the size of a piece of glitter. This technology can be used to treat various health conditions. One that has been identified is diabetes. I read an article in The Washington Post that says “The lens is intended to help diabetics track the glucose levels in their tears. It has a sensor embedded in the thin plastic and a wireless chip so that it can communicate with other devices. And engineers at Google’s secretive X labs are working on putting LEDs in the lens so that it can show users a visual warning if their glucose reaches dangerous levels.”

Do you think any of this technology will be used being used to treat and possibly even one day diagnose medical conditions? We just covered some of the new products, to read more about the others, please click on this link.