Bye,Bye Lost Luggage!

You’re at the airport, getting ready to board your flight and at the last minute you are forced to check your luggage. You land at your destination, go to baggage claim and your waiting, waiting, waiting…and find…that your bag is now missing. We can’t count the number of times that luggage is lost in the hustle and bustle of the airline industry. In fact, it was reported that in 2009, airlines lost over 25 million items of luggage and the majority of the times it was down to the bag arriving somewhere…without any form of identity left on it including the airlines own sticky label. A bag without any tag has little or no chance of being reunited with its owner.

Check out a product that is revolutionizing the travel industry. “Back2You” is a product that can track down any piece of luggage no matter how big or small anywhere in the world in less than 5 seconds! The Back2You tag operating system works like this; serial numbers are engraved into the back of the steel tags and then the tag is attached to the luggage by a steel tether. Member details are stored on the database. The first two memberships are free with the purchase of the product and subsequent years cost $4.70.

When all of the other tags have ripped off in transport, the back2you steel tag is still there protecting your luggage. On the back of the tag there are simple instructions which can be carried out by either the airline or an individual. By following this finder, it is able to notify back2you by both e-mail or by going on line. The back2you software system takes the message and using the serial number obtains the owner data and sends an SMS text message and email in just five seconds. This message enables the owner to find out that their item has been located, where it is and who they need to speak to recover it.

To top it off, the tag can be constructed to place your logo on the tag! So even if your luggage gets lost, your branded items can still be an effective advertising tool. Safe travels!

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