Brand Your Mornings!

I am finding more and more these days that I can’t leave home without seeing someone holding a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks logo coffee cup. It seems to be permanently attached to hands of many Americans. I guess I see the convenience of the quick on-the-go cup, but why be the brand ambassador for another company?

Why not advertise my own brand every morning?

Well now I can! We just discovered the Genuine Brand Thermos® Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup holder that accommodates the paper coffee cup and I have control of the logo. The Genuine Brand Thermos® Insulated Coffee Cup allows you to brand the cup holder to your company logo, name or just a simple picture! It also retains the hot or cold temperature inside the cup three times longer than a plain non-insulated cup. The rubber hand grip assures that I won’t drop it and even if I do, the stainless steel protector is more than durable.

Visual identities can be the first contact people have with your company or a great reminder. The Genuine Brand Thermos® Insulated Coffee Cup not only provides unique solutions for keeping beverages hot, cold and fresh, now it provides a product that will Grab Attention to Your Brand! Contact Meeting Logistics or for more details.