Challenge: Meeting Logistics developed the idea and theme and managed a special event for a company who wanted to celebrate with their entire corporation who just received drug approval for a ‘rare” orphan disease.  The objective was to thank the people directly responsible for the company’s goal attainment and to celebrate their ongoing commitment to positive possibilities for patients.  The event was to take place at 4 pm on a weekday and the challenge was that the client did not want employees to have to travel.

Solution: The company’s corporate meeting room underwent a makeover after their AM town hall meeting.  The client loved the suggested theme, “Leading the Way to a Brighter Future” and since color is really in right now, we chose happy and bright yellow which represents hope. Sunshine inspires cheerful optimism and this event was to celebrate helping people. So what exactly did we do to make this event look absolutely stunning?


We draped the room and started off by up lighting the perimeter of the event space in white with amber sunshine rays to create a nice warm glow. Orange and white paper lanterns created overhead eye candy. Yellow floral designs sent messages of new beginnings and white modern seating created lounge appeal.  The specialty drink was a Bourbon Arnold Palmer, lemony and uplifting. Tasty food and a fun dessert along with the upbeat rhythms from the DJ energized everyone in the room to celebrate.

How did we create the ultimate interaction and make everyone happy with a parting thank you gift? A Maui Jim Custom Fitting Station and everyone took home a pair of the world’s best sunglasses in a style they chose themselves.