Meeting Logistics, LLC is committed to excellence. We value solid, long term relationships with our clients, employees, suppliers and vendors, based on confidence, trust and respect.


We strive to be a company who is consistently committed to provide superior personalized service, quality and to be completely focused on exceeding the expectations of customers.


We are committed to creating and sustaining stakeholder relationships based on mutual trust, respect, cooperation and prosperity. We value our customers, suppliers, business associates, employees and society.


We operate with integrity, trust and respect maintaining a high ethical standard and a commitment to exceed expectations of value and service. We have a flexible, adaptable cooperative company structure.


We generate a dynamic workplace that embraces respect, trust, open communication, and personal fulfillment through honest hard work and personal accountability.

Accuracy of Records

We maintain excellent standards of planning and financial control. We ensure that all documents that we handle are managed to the highest professional standards and according to our company’s document preservation policy.


We support a safe, healthy and positive workplace for all employees.


We conduct our business in an environmentally responsive manner and support green initiatives.


We adhere to the laws, regulations and requirements applicable to our business activities.

Supplier Guidelines

We follow guidelines in the retention of all third party suppliers. We establish agreements that define goals and desired outcomes, agree upon methods and details for conducting business, establish a method for conflict resolution and appeal, define the desired outcome and ensure we protect our company and our clients with legal agreements when transferring proprietary information which is to be held in confidence.